Our squid is delicious!

We clean, tenderize, and bread local squid to serve in all our markets and restaurants. Super delicious!

Getting ready to set out the traps for Dungeness crabs last season. Looking forward to another great season this year. November 15th will be opening day so crabs should be showing up in the markets soon after that. These boys always get right on it!

Daniel's pelican friends stop by

Daniel’s pelican friends stopping by to see if they can steal a free lunch.

Lots of Fresh, Local Fish

Lots of fresh local fish in the summer and fall. Salmon, Halibut, Sable Fish, Rock Cod, Petrale Sole, Sand Dabs, Sea Bass, Albacore, Squid, and Sardines. Dungeness Crab season starts up again in mid November.

Walter and channel rock

Walter holding up a nice Channel Rock. A deep water species of rockfish from the Monterey Bay.